Pubblicato: 8 aprile 2008 da Dadi in Notizie, Sport
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It is no longer evitable. The connection to the next Olympic Games in Beijing and terrible news from Lhasa is indissoluble.

The protest scenes in Paris during the passage of the Olympic torch are important because it is a sound box.

But inevitably, the protest degenerated into violence. And violence is never a slogan of peace and human rights.

In addition to the Bigs of world (and China, too), they consider very little that a few hundred of protesters can create some chaos; that is because maybe a few hundreds of thousands of euros of damage. The nuisance caused is lesser than a pinch.

What really matters is the ‘god money‘. And it is on this ground that we need to fight the battle and hope to win the war. 

Here then is our wish. If the big nations don’t think boycott the Chinese Olympics, we can do it all together; and maybe better: switch-off the TV during the games. Have the audience be zero and we will be the architects of the defeat of the Republic of China and its horrible Olympics. 

Even the blind fear, expressed by some political leaders of to desert the event at the beginning of the games, appears to determine a minimum result, if not to give some honor to the same political front to their people: a kind of “look, I tried!” 

They talk about stopping the games; just for the right of the athletes that lived and struggled a lot of time just for those few days. But nothing justifies the blood of innocent and peaceful people; nothing can repay the liberty of a people oppressed and crushed by tyranny.  

We, Italians and Europeans, once had broken chains. We can not be happy about athletic exploits when thousands of people suffer and die. And we can not sleep at night on the quiet yoke of the Tibetan people.  

Shut-off the suffering and turn-on the hope.

Free Tibet.



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